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10 Oct 2009
Check this shit out
As time goes on, more and more people are finding bow users indispensable.

In the last promoted tournament of 16 players, there were
1 player with 3 bow users
7 players with 2 bow users
8 players with 1 bow user
and 0 players with no bow users.

Not a single player neglected to bring at least one bow user, and half of the tournament brought multiple.

In the last unrpomoted tournament of 16 players, there were
1 player with 3 bow users
9 players with 2 bow users (that's 1/3 of their entire team, and in some cases, all of their physical attackers)
3 players with 1 bow user
and 3 players with 0 bow users

Again, very few people declined the option of bringing multiple bow users, even in a format where you only have six units, and none of the bow users have the option of multiple weapon classes.

Maybe not the ultimate physical attacker, but a staple. They kill the very small niche peg mages have (worse avoid tanks than hawks at the cost of 5 more stat points), by getting a +10% accuracy bonus on them. They've got sniper + longbow for hit/runs, they've even got siege, crappy as it is.

Perhaps reducing the MT of bows to equal swords is in order.
29 Sep 2009
New skills that always activate, regardless of stats.
They'll be strictly worse than the skills that only work when the conditions are met, but it's an option for units that have 30 skl and <26 in every other stat.

Berserk: 1.3* normal damage (as per impale), -25% accuracy.
Frenzy: Two attacks at 0.75* normal damage (as per pursuit), -15% evasion, -15% crit evasion.
Lunge: +20% critical (as per wrath), -3 MT when calculating damage.
Feint: +20% accuracy (as per insight), -4 to enemy skill activation threshold.

You want pursuit to activate 100% of the time on anyone? You can have it, bu you're getting hit on your turn, and they're getting a bonus to crit you as well.

You can have your wrath and eat it too. enjoy your 70% killer bow shots at 37 mt instead of 40.

You want insight to activate all the time? You can have it, but you're getting hit by every skill from everyone else.
28 Aug 2009

Her target is a peregrine knight with 8 def and 50 hp.

Reliable great bow is 16 *1.5 effective = 24 + 30 pow = 54.
54 base mt - 8 = 46.

The great bow should be dealing 46 damage at the max, but here it's doing 50.

Heavy great should max at 47, and here it's at 51.

Do base hit rates over 100% produce a multiplier to damage?
27 Aug 2009
3 Aug 2009
Kay, hear me out on this one.

What happens when I post Suika (Wrath) in the blast?

Fighter -> Berserker [Brute]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/5%]: 58.00
POW [2/10%]: 30.00
SKL [1/15%]: 30.00
SPD [2/10%]: 23.00
DEF [0/0%]: 19.00
RES [0/0%]: 13.00
LCK [0/0%]: 13.00

"Why 23 spd? That sucks. either enough to avoid pursuit, use pursuit, or don't get it at all"

What about Patchouli Knowledge (Nihi)?

Dark Kn. -> Chaos Kn. [Serene]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/10%]: 50.00
POW [1/15%]: 29.00
SKL [2/20%]: 25.00
SPD [2/0%]: 25.00
DEF [0/0%]: 23.00
RES [2/20%]: 24.00
LCK [0/5%]: 20.00

"what's up with the 20 LCK? You're not avoiding insight. Put it in another stat"

How about making it such that all skills will always activate if the unit is 8+ higher in the pertinent stat?

30 spd mage knights will always pursuit 18 spd Mr. Friendly regardless of whether or not it has Insight equipped.
30 def units will always counter 13 def Tewi

Just a thought.
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