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Full Version: Regarding third promo major tourney
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One Man Wolfpack
A large promoted tournament. No special rules or restrictions apply.

Match Schedule

Winner's Bracket
Round 1 - Saturday, June 27th
Round 2 - Saturday, July 4th
Round 3 - Wednesday, July 15th
Quarter Finals - Saturday, July 25th
Semi-Finals - Tuesday, August 4th
Finals - Sunday, August 16th

Loser's Bracket
Round 1 - Saturday, July 4th
Round 2 - Friday, July 10th
Round 3 - Wednesday, July 15th
Round 4 - Monday, July 20th
Round 5 - Saturday, July 25th
Quarter Finals - Thursday, July 31st
Semi-Finals - Tuesday, August 4th
Finals - Monday, August 10th

All matches in any given round must be finished by the indicated date at 11:59:59 PM EST, otherwise arbitration will occur.

As far as i can see its not sat 11:59 PM yet...Why was I booted? Me nor Mint readied and i was gonna ready up yesterday if not for that retarded lag that lasted all night >_> So if im seeing correctly you booted me a day too early. Reinstate me so i can do my match with mint please
Ghost of FETO Past
I think the last deadline actually ended at Monday 20th at 12 AM EST, a whole day earlier than it should have, but I'm not sure if it really affected many things. Other times the round ended a couple hours later than it should have.

As such, I doubt you'll be reinstated to finish your battle. =/
Hmm... derp. My bad. dry.gif

Let's just pretend that it said July 24th. awesome.gif
One Man Wolfpack
Whatever dry.gif. Don't i get some kind of consolation?
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