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Full Version: So annoying...
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Kind of wish I could make this into a comic or someting...

I think it's time to make this public since it has been a few days and about 15 turns and there has been NO BLOODSHED.

When will he stop running? When all out units are level 20, except his will suck because of 20-35% Pow growths on the ones that survive? When one or both of his healers are dead? (who am I kidding, he'll just rescue and run for a few years until I forfeit due to boredom or go on vacation >_>)

Why have I not drawn or request an admin for help? Because I will win this, whether I'll be 20 or 50...

Maybe I should have kept silent about "you can only kill one of my units in one turn, and only if I put it in all of your units' range."

EDIT: It may not appear so from first glance, but I think this is the 3rd revolution around the temple thing... >_>;
Don't play 24 hour turn time limits if you don't want to leave your units trapped in battle for days.

Newbies are going to run when they think they're going to lose. It's what they do. You can't do much to stop that, aside from waiting for them to realize they're not going to win by running away enough.
You could have put in a battle end request if you didn't want to stay in it, you know. dry.gif
I've told him multiple times that running won't help him...

I specifically said I didn't want to since I will win eventually... But I thought request end (admin) would make it a draw... XD
Ghost of FETO Past
No, Request End by Admin lets SaS decide the outcome of the battle.
Last I remember, it's either:
a. no action
b. cause one side to win
c. cause one side to auto-forfeit
d. force a draw without rewards
e. force a draw with rewards
f. other

"Other" includes things like changing the timer to a one second timer. >_>
I'd be inclined to penalize him in that case, if he'd been running away aimlessly. dry.gif
Oh, thanks! I never knew that. XD

I wasn't exactly sure what he was doing, TBH... dry.gif When he did attack, he always ran far away the turn after...
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