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First of all, sorry about my yay krabby enklizh... and possible typos (typos are pretty common dry.gif damn common stuff).
Secondly, Hey mom! Your child's a ding dong! (seriously...)

Shit happens for a newbie, and next one repeats the same stuff as previous one (well, not literally... otherwise that would mean all the newbies are the same <__<''). Even just common sense would help to realize some of these things :/
Most of them seems to get mauled even by other no-so-experienced just because they got more common sense or have learned some of these things... from easy or the hard way.

Anyways, here's some stuff that newbies would be probably good to know.

1. Helpful links
2. Words for newbies
-2.01 Don't mind if you lose
-2.02 Glassy builds at the beginning of your journey
-2.03 When you attack, do not just make some damage.
-2.04 Need da Healz?
-2.05 Balanced team(s)
-2.06 Slowpokes (armored units)
-2.08 Check weapon ranks and equipment!
-2.09 Favoritism and BExp?
-2.11 Check battle rules!
-2.12 Hit/Run for dummies
3. Other Stuff...


1. Helpful links
*Ultimate Newbie Guide
-Title says everything. Includes pretty images.
-IMO Post 3 (Mystia Lorelei section) is the most important one for new players, you have to learn how to dance and stuff!
-Don't be like ''I can beat SS (FE8) with Hard Mode easily! So this game can't be so hard! I'm not gonna read that crap!''... dry.gif FE8 HM is easier than FE7 with normal... and this place is totally different thing than canon FEs, this is a lot more PvP friendly, balanced etc. (did I mention about skilled players?)

*Stat Archetypes
-Helps for doing builds (stats). Also includes extra tips. READ IT!

*"Rate My Team" Thread
-Just simply post the builds of your units here and people will say what they think about it/them and maybe how to make them better.

* Bugs, Suggestions, Questions -forum
-Just if you have a suggestion (Before you suggest anything, at least ask yourself: "Will this make something broken?" and do some possible research (well, currently any suggestions won't happen since SaS has left the building!!!)), question ("how do this and that work? where I can find this and that?") or you see a bug (I feel that those all have been already reported but who knows...)

* Stat Comparisons
-You have two or more possible builds for your unit but you don't know which one would be better? Here people majorly compare builds to other posted builds... or... well... that was the original idea of this thread but this have been become more like Rate My Unit -thread.

2. Words for newbies

2.01 Don't mind if you lose
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
I think this is the most important one.
Just don't care if you lose even against more experienced player means ~100% lose BUT it's a chance to learn to play!
BUT DON'T EVEN DARE TO THINK ''Omfg I suck at this, I quit''! We all have been newbies and have been mauled by more experienced players.

All You Have to Do Is Practice!
Nobody became a decent/good/professional player in one day like mastering any skill (crafting, drawing etc.) won't happen when you snap your fingers.

Be ready to learn from better people, no matter if they just stomped ya, you can always think ''Wow! I couldn't give even a challenge for that guy! There has to be something wrong in my builds, team, dancing and/or tactics.''
You can learn builds for Stat Archetypes and Rate My Team threads; also from your opponents/ teammates.
Dancing is something that you can't really learn by reading, even Newbie Guide tells the basics.

Lose today, avenge tomorrow lion.gif Inan! Come back! I want my revenge!!

2.02 Glassy builds at the beginning of your journey
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Glassy builds are troublesome first. Why? It's because...

1. In low lvl battles difference between high and low SPD and SKL growths doesn't matter yet since base stats are pretty much almost the same... except Armor classes do have high DEF but really low SPD while Pegasus Mages do have high SPD.

2. Your future Swordmaster won't be able to crit since it won't be able to activate Wrath (+20 crit) or activate Pursuit because the reason above. Also, it won't be able to use Killer weapons before B-rank or at least like Sharp forged Steel weapons before C-rank or Silver before B-rank.

3. Because two reason above, MOSTLY HP, Power, Defense and Resistance do matter in low level battles. But when your units are beginning to be close to level 15, then they start to be more useful. But in general, glassy units aren't even close as useful in unpromo as they are in promo

But if you don't mind using them, then just go ahead.

2.03 When you attack, do not just make some damage.
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Here in FETO, we're not brainless AI assholes who think "I'm just going to do some worthless damage juset because I always think my opponent"

It works in actual Fire Emblems since your enemies there have lower lvls and they are really stupid (in the very end) but here you want always to KILL if you can.
Example: Opponent got 4 offensive units but (s)he attacked to my 2 units... (s)he could have killed 1 unit but (s)he didn't!
And (s)he actually had a chance to win because of my mistake(s) if (s)he would have killed that one unit! /true story

Check match-ups! Now you don't need to calculate everything by yourself!
How do I check match-ups?
1. Select enemy's, teammate's or your unit.
2. Pressing number keys from 1 to 4 (1= 1 range, 2= 2 range, 3= 3 range, 4= 4-7 range) or opening Match-Ups tab from Unit Menu (Look for it left side of map, left side of Commands)
3. Then just select target and you'll see match-ups between these two units.

Note: Example Knife's match-ups, whose range is 1-2, will be shown in 1 AND 2 range.

2.04 Need da Healz? *clicks*
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

So.. U need da healz? After getting hit, you do need da MOTHERFAWKIN healz! cat.gif
And healers are later useful because of other staves (buffs, status, remedy and dispel)

Screw about Bandage -staff, Heal gives you +2 Exp (= 60 exp more after using all 30 uses of Heal... it's worth of it you'll exactly when you'll get D-rank staves without even looking at your character's profile or Weapons and Items at your FETO profile [every unit start with 1WExp and 1 use of Heal gives you 1 WExp... which means +30 after all uses (1 + 30 = 31... that's exactly what you need for D-rank!)])

As fast as you can get D-rank staves, be sure that you have Fortune -staff and Mend.
Why? It's because they give +2 WExp and with Fortune, you don't need to wait until your units get injured... One Fortune staff (all 7 uses) means +14 WExp, that means only 26 WExp to C-rank!

Do not keep them too far away, here people won't attack them like AI does in FE series, here we attack at your healer if...
-there's no other units left.
-can't kill your other unit(s), do damage without taking much damage from counter-attack (and there's no healers on opponent's side who could heal this unit/these units) or do damage to your other unit(s) anyways.
-can't kill your unit(s) without killing your healer first.
-being defeated on your next turn and don't really like to go for suicide (and get possibly +1/2/3 WExp and little Exp more).

If you won't need to use your healer at your turn (= can attack/ kill without taking damage)... rather try to take a little damage, especially when your healer do still have E-rank Staves, since your healer do really want Exp and WExp at that point.

2.05 Balanced team(s)
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Yeah, CRY SQUALL CRY! They already have 3 physical units and just one mage. They need mages, not physical units!!!.

Pretty usually new people have 0-1 magical units in their first team of 6-8 units which means that they end up being raped by enemy who has more magical units.
In unpromo team, it is whatever do you have 2 or 3 magical units.
But when you think about promoted team and you want balance between magics and physical, then it depends on your healer
*If Troubadour or Curate, then you may want to have more magical units (= in 6-unit team: 3 magical units, 2 physicals and healer)
*If Cleric or Heaven Knight, then may may want to have more physical units (= in 6-unit team: 3 physical units, 2 magicals and healer)

That may sound pretty simple but if you want a good promo team, it's not that simple at all because of class bonuses (+crit,avo,hit) and surviability isn't as important as in unpromo battles because of your bulky units will have very hard time hitting high SPD&LCK (especially peg mages and +15 Avoid classes (this means you want high SKL and LCK bow users at least)).

2.06 Slowpokes (armored units)
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

´´No downhills!? noes.gif´´

Knights... Footmen... and Guards... their high HP and DEF might sound good but their low SPD, RES and Mov are killing them and slowing your advance.
I'm not telling to not use them at all but don't do them so much even they are good in low lvl battles, sometimes we see a newbie with too many armoured units (random 5v5 battle... opponent had 4 armored units and one Adept...).
You DO NOT want to do a squad liek this xD

Second mistake on having armored units is their builds.
People seem to think "oh cool, high HP, POW, SKL and DEF, I'll max them all!"
Footman [Brute]
Stats at level 20
HP [1/5%]: 44.00
POW [1/10%]: 20.00
SKL [2/10%]: 20.00
SPD [0/0%]: 8.00
DEF [2/15%]: 24.00
RES [0/0%]: 5.00
LCK [0/0%]: 5.00

Looks cool against physical units but when you see 20 POW shaman with Verrine and Pursuit skill, you know you're going DOWN! (that one makes total 42 damage... anybody can kill it after that with no problem~)

If you want armored unit, go for Nihil Tank or Dual Tank (See more at Stat Archetypes -thread)

By the way, just because you may meet these guys in low lvl battles, you may want to give Pursuit for your mages (:
They pretty much always pursuit armors.

Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Sniper: Fuck yeah! I can activate Wrath against Swordmaster!! konata.gif
Swordmaster: Shi-!! irritated.gif

Sniper attacks! [Item: Killer Bow; Skill: Wrath; ATK: 26; HIT: 85; CRIT: 62]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 27.3; Crit - 45.7
Sniper's Wrath skill activated!
It's a critical hit! Swordmaster takes 58 damage. (0/52 HP)

Swordmaster: ''Shouldn't have get promoted before lvl 20 T_T''
Swordmaster is defeated!

Lvl 10/20 Swordmaster haves lower stats than 20/20 Sniper, which allows it to activate Wrath (which gives +20 crit%).

Sure it takes more time to train that remaining 10 lvls but think, you want your Swordmaster getting Wrath'd?
Dunno :/ At least I don't.

2.08 Check weapon ranks and equipment!
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Try to keep your units well eguipped and have best possible weapons.
It really sucks if you can't use 1-2 physical weapons even you have least D-rank just because you haven't equipped any but your enemy has!

Tip: Forged weapons do also give their own little thing. (NOTE: Forging increases weapon's rank by 1 (E->D->C->B->A->S))
And only buyable weapons can be forged, you can't have (Sharp) Killer Sword sadnod.gif

Also note that some classes can have weapons in cache too!
Classes whose WTA type is 2, haves 8 cache slots (Ex. Footman(yes, even unpromo can do it~), Star Knight, Warrior)
Classes whose WTA type is 3, haves 16 cache slots (General, Corporal, Captain, Colonel)

2.09 Favoritism and BExp?
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
No, forget both as much if possible, you don't want to have one ~15 lvl unit while rest are lower than 10 and BExp means just experience, not weapon experience.
But... there's few exceptions...
*You may favor your certain uni(s) only if they are like ~100 exp (= 1 lvl) behind of other units but not too much. And this favoritism means letting this/these units to kill enemy units if possible but it doesn't mean that you'll end up taking extra damage.
*Using BExp. You may start using it after you'll get C-ranks for everybody since then they are fine enough in lv. 20 mode battle, even if opponent has B-ranks.
And at least when your units have B-rank weapons, next thing that they'll receive is max unpromo lvl and that means a promotion (if you want, having unpromo teams is good too (if you want go for unpromo battles and better chance to get 2 - 4 Rank treasures (D-B weapon rank uncommon weapons, tomes and staffs))).

Check 'Stat Archetypes' -thread (on ''Helpful links'')

Also, looks like that doesn't include the link of calculator so... *ClickS*
[it can be found Characters & Items -> Statistic Calculator]

2.11 Check battle rules!
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Check the rules of the battle before joining!
*You don't want your lvl 5 units getting stomped by lvl 10 units.
*If you don't like to wait so to your turns, check time limit! (8-15 minutes or 16-24 hours are good ones, I see pretty much people in like 20 min - 1 hour battles where people have missed turns a lot!)
**Second thing why you want to check that there is time limit is that you don't want to join into a battle where's no time limit and forfeit because your opponent decides to not log in EVER again. (this can be changed IF SAS comes back or he gives powers to manage FETO for somebody...)

QUOTE(Artea @ Jun 1 2012, 03:35 PM) *
2.12 Hit/Run for dummies
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Courtesy of Fala.

3. Other Stuff...
Now.. where the heck I put that text file...

calculation stuff...: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Calculations (Nothing fancy like in Mint's Ultimate Newb Guide)
Just some simple calculations to make your units to survive to not get OHKOed (one hit knock out)
Also, I'm using here Heavy forged A-rank weapons (because they have the highest Mt) and WTA type 2* (when needed).

WTA type varies depending unit's class.
Classes that are able to use only one weapon type, have WTA type 1. (Ex. Shaman, Swordmaster, Dracolord)
Classes that are able to use two types, have WTA type 2. (Ex. Guard (yes!), Infantry, Sage)
Classes that are able to use three types, have WTA type 3. (General, Corporal, Captain, Colonel)

Surviving from Pursuit
Formula: HP - ((Weapon's Mt + 30 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2)
Note: Before multiplying with 2, get rid of decimal values.

For Light/ Sword users: HP - ((49 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Anima/ Lance users: HP - ((50 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Dark/ Axe Users: HP - ((48 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Bow users: *same as Dark/ Axe users*

NOTE: If you have enough Spd to avoid 30Spd Pursuits, make sure that it survives from peg mage pursuits!

Then, let's see your Peggies and Horseback units (Wyverns have mostly already nice Def and Armoured units can handle armorkiller pursuit... unless it gets double critted).

Flying units
Formula: HP - (Weapon's Mt x 1,5 + 30 - Def)

Surviving from Great Bow (Heavy): HP - (55 - Def)
Surviving from Brave Bow: HP - ((42 - Def) x 2)
(if you have example 60HP and 12Def, you can't survive from Brave Bows but you hope that your peggie is damn dodgy one, then there's a chance to dodge since brave weapons have kinda low Acc (but high SKL&LCK bow users will have decent hit%, like high SKL Valiants do also have))

tl;dr (lol) - Get HP + DEF = 56 if you want to survive from Reliable Great Bow, Heavy Great Bow and Reinfleche.

Then... Pay attention at pursuits
Heavy Great Bow w/Pursuit: (55 - Def x 0.75 x 2)
Most likely your wyverns will survive except +15 AVD Dracomaster/ Dracolord (they won't be going down very likely...) but... what the heck is +15 AVD class with such of low SPD?

Horseback units
Forumla: HP - (Horsekiller's Mt x 2 + 30 (+ 3 from WTA if not Missionary, Mage Knight or Wraith) - Def)

For Sword users: HP - (50 - Def)
For Lance users: HP - (52 - Def)
For Axe users: HP - (50 - Def)
For Magic users: *same as Axe users*

So, get high DEF for your horsies or at least don't let people to pursuit them...
Pursuit + Horsekillers?
HP - ((Horsekiller's Mt x 2 (+ possible WTA bonus) + 30 - Def) x 0,75 x 2)

So... if example your Missionary has 15 Def, it will end up taking 52 damage from Halberd with pursuit lion.gif (without pursuit, 35 damage).

... Also, Brave Weapons can be really dangerous...
Formula: HP - (Brave weapon's Mt (x1.5 if vs. Wyvern or Pegasus) + 30 (+WTA) x 2)

For Sword users: HP - (40 - DEF x 2)
For Lance users: HP - (41 - DEF x 2)
For Axe users: HP - (39 - DEF x 2)
[NOTE: Those are Weapon Type 2 -wise. If you want to make sure that armored units with Weapon Type 3, add +1 before you subtract defence stat]

For Magic users: HP - (39 - DEF x 2)

For flying units: HP - (42 - DEF x 2) [Yes, here it is again]

´´So... I need battle sprites and mugs but I can't do them by myself!´´
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

There's 3 topics (1 in FETO forums and 2 in Design forums) in the FEP forums and all those contains lots of sprites, meant to be in use at FETO but SaS hasn't picked all of them so actually you may look at those threads if there's something you like!
(Battle sprites and mugs)
(Battle sprites only)
(Mugs only)
[*NEW*] FETO Members' Sprite Roster

You may also look from Sprite gallery threads and ASK if you could use them from Desing forums and it's sub-forum, Spriting/Graphics/Art/Comic Discussion.

Also, you may request them at here.

(If you look battle sprites and mugs of canon FEs, look for them at here)
Or here if you don't own image editing program such as GIMP (which is free) or other program that allows you to make them transparent OR you don't bother to look for website that makes your images'/sprites' background transparent (many/some FEP's mug sheets aren't transparent and FEP's transparency tool isn't the best one. *Proof* (<- originally there was white background))
Konata Izumi
QUOTE(Tygr @ Oct 28 2010, 01:49 PM) *
[Sry, just raging here dry.gif ... awesome.gif
And most likely very few newbie sees this... stupid kids.

Then when a newbie joins/you join a newbie's battle, just link them here.
King of Knights
Im going to favorite this page so i have instant access to it.

You finally got one right pura =P XD
But... but... Gerik is so THE STRONG.
A-And my Oswin never dies!
So if I make a lord Gerik with 7 Oswins, I'll be sure to own everyone!
Lol it's so easy, you just go up to people and attack and they tink you everytime.
I'll probably make a mage and add her in once my team is lvl 20/8, if I call her Nino it will all work out. grin.gif

Good post, unfortunately if newbies we get, "I read the FAQ and that stuff and I can't create my characters!" there will always be.
QUOTE(Kanade Tachibana @ Oct 28 2010, 10:34 PM) *
QUOTE(Tygr @ Oct 28 2010, 01:49 PM) *
[Sry, just raging here dry.gif ... awesome.gif
And most likely very few newbie sees this... stupid kids.

Then when a newbie joins/you join a newbie's battle, just link them here.

Ugh.. I feel retarded because I didn't thought about that... even... I have gave a link for that newbie guide and stat archetypes threads for few newbies (when I have remembered)^^'

QUOTE(The 4th Hokage @ Oct 28 2010, 10:38 PM) *
Im going to favorite this page so i have instant access to it.

You finally got one right pura =P XD


QUOTE(*Is corrupted* @ Oct 28 2010, 11:56 PM) *
But... but... Gerik is so THE STRONG.
But Cirno is THE STRONGEST! (eh... o.o')

A-And my Oswin never dies!
So if I make a lord Gerik with 7 Oswins, I'll be sure to own everyone!
And so lord Joshua and 7 Limstellas (gogo über sages!) came and raped them

Lol it's so easy, you just go up to people and attack and they tink you everytime.
I'll probably make a mage and add her in once my team is lvl 20/8, if I call her Nino it will all work out. grin.gif

Good post, unfortunately if newbies we get, "I read the FAQ and that stuff and I can't create my characters!" there will always be.

Yeah, that's true... too true dry.gif (where's the damn common sense!?)
...time to get drunk.
*checking this out since it got pinned*

-Added some forgotten things about healers and gave own spoiler for it.
-Adding little bit about surviving from Bows shortly *added*
-Link for Bugs, Suggestions, Questions -forum
-Added spoiler for those who need sprites
I wish I'd seen this before I started playing... ugh...
how do u start a match i click on start match and nothing happens goes stright to where i started
If you don't want a lord that is first bad, DON'T make Mercenary lord.

I ain't gonna lie, this is pretty offensive. You're basically telling pokemon fans not to use charmander and pikachu. A fair number of new players join this site because they like the swordmasters. Instead of saying "Don't use charmander and pikachu" you should say "This is how you use charmander and pikachu". Link to builds (RMT/Stat Arch threads), skills (newbie guide), existing swordmasters used by experienced players, and explain their weaknesses (low power).

Telling a new player they can't have Lyn or Joshua is going to make them quit faster than losing a couple matches.
Ikr? Just didn't have a chance to fix it...
I think I said at AIM something like that it sure is (pretty) misleading dry.gif (merc lords with glassy build suck ass at low lvls)

But Pikachu's cool at pretty early in R/B/Y and FR/LF cuz second gym :p
Fix'd and added some stuff a little bit... finaly.

It appears that I didn't remember to say anything about Brave weapons so I added calculations for them~
(btw, are all those calculations right? o.o'' *just can't rely on my "brains"*)

And added link "FETO Members' Sprite Roster".
Nohrian Lord S-IX
I'm noticing this exists for the 1st time oh.gif

Oh well, you're not newbie.
2.12 Hit/Run for dummies
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Courtesy of Fala.
This looks like it took awhile to complete.

Just wanted to say as a newbie: Thanks for this! omgyay.gif
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