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Full Version: What's Once Lost
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PSInfo headquarters. Most likely, none of the students had ever heard of PSInfo, since it was nothing more than a start-up, fairly small time operation dedicated to gathering, aggregating and selling information on the state's public sector. The building itself was...unique and, more than that, it was unusual for such a small scale business to even have an entire building rather than just a simple office downtown. Given its location in relation to the city proper and the general nature of its business, it was rare that anybody other than PSInfo employees would find their way onto its lot.

And yet, at least two different groups, not an employee among them, would find themselves drawn toward these headquarters they had no logical reason to visit.

Group: Anthony, Carmine, Layla

Called out to the location by fairies, little information on it given, the building itself was likely a surprise. Surrounded by mostly overgrown blacktop stood what was once a movie theater but was now a big, boxy building in an uneven state of disrepair. The entrance, marked with the letters PSI and newer looking glass doors, and the area around it looked fine enough, but the majority of the building had ivy growing along its side, broken windows and gaps in the brick. Nothing about it seemed safe.

"Okay! Looks like you've arrived!" an obnoxiously high-pitched voice called out from the group's trinkets, "Doesn't it look like such a fun place for adventures?! You guys get to be the heroes, rushing in to save the captives from the evi—owwww! Hey, don't pull on my wiiiii—"

From there, the voice cut out.

Group: Clyde, Gail, Patricia

Called out to the location by Professor Steinhardt, all relevant information given before departure, the building should have been less than surprising. The portion of the building without broken windows and gaps in the bricks was the space marked as 'PSInfo headquarters', the rest of it left to rot, sealed off from the inside. Strings had been pulled to ensure the lot was subdivided such that it didn't matter that the majority of the building wasn't up to standards. It was rare for anybody to check or care about what went on in the unmaintained portion.

"We don't know whether or not the demons we're after have infiltrated the company itself, but they are somewhere within that building, according to our oracles. As we went over before, these demons can operate through humans so it would be best to think of every person you encounter as hostile...though don't act too rashly—we can only handle so much cleanup.

"Above all else, stick together. Whether you investigate outside the company or within first, that's your call, but I've already arranged for you all to be let inside as students from Sunrise's sociology department. It's to your judgement, but please do try to recover the missing students."

That was the long and short of what the professor had said before dropping them off. In the several days since he'd 'initiated' his new students, he'd done his best to go over the basics and get them used to working with each other and with their new weapons, but in the end it would all be up to them as to how their first real test would go.

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It's hard getting back into this writing thing. Think I re-wrote this at least four times before deciding on this beginning. Basically, you're all outside the building, but not at the same time. I rolled a die and it said clyde, gail and patricia's group arrived first so I guess it might be best to wait for a round from them before the other group posts, just in case they do anything to the outside or something.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the discussion thread. Especially the professor's group...since your characters might've had questions for him that he would have answered. I'll try to post a summary of information you might have gotten from/after both threads in the discussion too, to help things along.

Gail's first thought upon arriving at the place was that she was glad this wasn't work related. Not normal work at least, this stuff about demons or whatever they were and the whole summoning things from who-knows-where sure felt like it could be considered even more work. Hopefully better work.

"Looks barren 'nough to me outside, any of the rest of ya think we should just go on in?"
He wished this was all nonsense. The demons, the persona, the weird blue glowy weapon thing... it was all too surreal. But when presented with this reality, that he was standing outside what looked like an abandoned building with a handful of people like him, what could he believe? He had to believe.

Maybe this was a case of 'don't think about it too much'.

"Jes a minute, Gail." Clyde held out an arm as if he was trying to prevent her from moving forward. Over his shoulder was a duffel bag he used while hunting. His supernatural shotgun, a pair of binoculars, some snacks... well, most of his hunting gear wouldn't be of help here. Unless demons were distracted by decoys and duck calls?

Clyde pulled out his binoculars and zoomed in on the building. "Lesse if there's anything in there first. Maybe we can git a good idea of numbers 'n such."
"Yeah, it is probably better to get at least some knowing of the numbers inside before we just go rushing in." Patrica stated, backing Clyde up on this. She tried to look confident about herself, but she was wondering if she could really pull this off, fighting these supernatural threats and what not. However, she just had to reassure herself that she was one of the few that could do something about this and tried to change the subject a little as Clyde continued to scout a bit.

"Gail, are you sure you don't want me to help you to go over text messaging and browsing the web on your phone at some point? It could be really useful when you least expect it, you know." Patricia at least hoped that would be the case, since learning how to text could help Gail out of a sticky situation where she couldn't talk but still needed help, as an example.

Gail snorted at Patricia's offer, "Wouldn't do no good when I can't read."
Clyde nearly fell over when he heard what Gail said. She couldn't read? Just what kind of education... well, he knew the answer to that. "You really don't know how to read?" It took all that Clyde had not to stare at the janitor incredulously. Man, and people thought he was a hick!
Patricia was kind of taken aback about Gail not being able to read, though she didn't say anything about it like Clyde had done. "Ahem, that isn't very proper, the tone you are using." She said to Clyde, kind of disapproving of his reaction to this piece of news. " any case, I could try to help you out with the other functions of your phone at a later date, when we aren't besieging a building filled with nasties." This was her attempt in diverting the subject, also trying to get Clyde to go back to his recon of sorts.
Ugh. Couldn't these two just focus on what they were doing and save the chatter for some other time? "I don't, but that don't matter here, weren't you peeking at the building?" she said to Clyde.

As for Patricia, "No thanks, don't need any of that extra crap."
Through his binoculars Clyde could see two women. One of them was sitting behind a U-shaped desk while the other was leaning on the other side of it, talking. There were doors on either side of the desk, but they were closed. If he zoomed in enough, he would see a name plate with the words "Office Manager" and "Jamie Crewe". There were various boxes stacked up on and around the desk.
"Yeah, yeah," Clyde waved the girl's comments off. He was just surprised that anyone in this day and age couldn't do something as basic as read. How did she get around life like that? She may as well be blind!

"Hm..." Clyde focused his binos. Two people in an office doing... office-y stuff, he imagined. They didn't appear demonic, but considering he had to fight off a cow tank appearances could be deceiving. "I just see two people. Nothin' else." Clyde put away his binos. "Seemed like they were doin' some business up in there."

That was about all he was going to see from out here. Time to move in. Clyde motioned for the two women to follow him and began to walk toward the building. No use trying to hunker down and not be seen in a wide open area like a parking lot. That'd just make him look more suspicious. If they acted normal, on the off chance they were seen, they'd probably be dismissed as regular people.

"Only two people? Hmm..." Patricia pondered over this, but before she could say anything, Clyde had motioned for the two of them to follow after him. If that was all the info that he could gather, there was no use in dawdling and followed after, trying to look as "natural" as possible. Sure, she also had her Persona ready to go, or she thought she did, in the event that something odd happened. Just let it be office-y stuff...though I very much doubt it. Let's just see what's in store, I suppose.
"Right! That's exactly what he sai--" the lady behind the desk was laughing before the front door opened, setting off a small bell. A few seconds of appraisal later, smile not yet faded, she settled on a greeting.

"Hello there, how can I help you?" she scanned between the three who'd just entered, "You folks from Sunrise?"

The lady she'd been talking to leaned away from the desk with a look of realization, waved bye and retreated through the door to the left, giving a smile and a slight nod to the entrants.
As they went inside Gail mentally reviewed what they were going in as. Sosholoji department, as she recalled. Why they were having her act like a student didn't seem like a good idea, that's how it was.

Figuring that since among them she was the only one employed there it would be best to speak up first, "Yeah. Visiting from the sosholoji department." Those other two had best follow up because that's all she was going to be good for here.
"Right." Clyde nodded in agreement. He'd leave the smooth talking to Gail since she spoke up first.
"Ahem, what my friend meant is that we are from the sociology department, Miss." Patricia said, correcting Gail and a bit annoyed that Clyde didn't catch it first. At the moment, she thought that the person at the desk was less suspicious than the person who had left just when they walked in. She didn't catch a good glimpse of them, but it was rather odd that they would beat feet so quickly.
Oh, was that what Gail was trying to say? He figured it was some made-up... janitor thing. Wasn't this embarrassing? "If it ain't too much to ask, could ya escort us around?" Clyde tried to seem like he was interested in the business. "Heard good things about ya an' all."
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