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Just figured out how to actually start tourneys. Woo!

Edit: For the tournaments that Vel made I am just randomly advancing people to end the tourneys. Next week I will post 16 man tourneys and see how that goes.
Nice one!!

Now about this mugshots... xD
The mugshot problem might be over my head. I don't know the coding too well so if it is a coding problem there won't be much I can do at the moment.
LeaderR Elliot
Overworld sprites, auctions *shots*

Great jobb!!! Keep it up!!!

Mind posting the secret for the future!!! awesome.gif
QUOTE(Astram @ Apr 3 2013, 06:51 PM) *
Overworld sprites, auctions *shots*

Great jobb!!! Keep it up!!!

Mind posting the secret for the future!!! awesome.gif

I could post the secret but you would all have to disappear. wink.gif

And I'm going to post a thread to see how much interest there is in tournaments next week. Maybe 16 will be too small. Haha.
Nohrian Lord S-IX
Tournies woot.gif

Let me know about the OW sprites, (I have them all shift.gif )
Count me in for the tournies!

I don't see how the mugshot coding got messed up if the problem is indeed there... @_@ I just assumed it was with loading or something, idk. Unless you are Vel touched it or something.
Konata Izumi
16 might be too much, haha.

Are the tourneys for both promo and unpromo?
I don't know how the mugshot stuff could've gotten goofed up either. Hm...

And I made polls so I know how big to make them.

Promoted and Unpromoted tournaments will be made.
Whew, thought feto would have to absorb another blow...nice title!

Great news! Now to get some duelists for them ^^;
Axel Almer
Time to get back again.
QUOTE(Axel Almer @ Apr 5 2013, 10:41 AM) *
Time to get back again.

Think you can get jackaxl back? lol
Update: I'm pretty sure I can do everything from my account that I needed Jeff's account for, so I don't need to have two windows open and I can do things quicker now. grin.gif
Crimea River
Woot! Good to know it all works! cat.gif You're a lifesaver, fensti!
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