We have the forum ready. We've been posting on the new forums for a while now.

Please, I implore you, not to post on these old forums any longer. There is a reason why the URL for these particular forums have the word "old" in it. Please take all active discussion to the new forums.

The new forums are located here:

The ONLY reason why this forum is still open, and not closed by now, is because FETO is STILL tied to this IPB forum software. As such, in order for FETO to be even playable, you HAVE to log in using these old forums. Changes will be made for that eventually so these dusty old forums will be shut down for good.

Once you get to the new forums, you must:

1. Register your account there. Sadly, accounts here will not be carried over to those forums.
2. Post in the Account Activation forum. An admin will get to activating your account eventually.
3. If you are brand new to the forums, and you want to activate your account for FETO, follow the instructions here: http://forums.feplanet.net/thread-150.html

With that being said, do not post on these forums. Please post in the brand new forums that was just linked to. All active discussion is being held there instead of here. There is no reason to post here.

Thank you for your time.

Community Administrator for FEP