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The FETO Guide Emporium, Compilation of all guides written so far.
post Sep 25 2013, 12:55 AM
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Skylessia Characters

The FETO Guide Emporium

Welcome to the FETO Guide Emporium, where everything you need to know is right before your eyes. There is a myriad of guides written by various people, as well as things that need to be known. These following posts are very long and very detailed, so I separated them all into 9 different posts, for easier browsing. The extra reserve posts will remain, as I'm sure there will likely be more guides to add to the list in the future.

The Contents:

Post #1: Newbie Guide #1 -- Written by Mint
Post #2: Newbie Guide #2 -- Written by Serene Flight
Post #3: Stat Archetypes -- Written by Kryptonite
Post #4: Advanced Tictacs -- Written by Speedy and Shadow
Post #5: Stat Changes -- Written by SaS
Post #6: FETO Skype Group -- Written by Falaflame
Post #7: Reserved for future use.
Post #8: Reserved for future use.
Post #9: Reserved for future use.

Compiled and maintained by Falaflame.
Post ownership changes were hacked into the DB, manually, by hand, by your trusty dev, sirocyl.
(Also, F@#% IPB.)

Note: I know the links are screwed up in this index, but you can just as easily scroll down and find the posts. If it troubles you, you can always Ctrl+F the authors of the guides.

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post Sep 25 2013, 12:55 AM
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Minty Idolm@ster
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Newbie Guide #1

Written by Mint, Formatted by Falaflame.

I've read the FAQ, but I still can't make a character because it says I haven't read it! HELPPPPPP!

-Part 1 and 2-
Orange section
1.0 - Introduction
1.01 - Stat Descriptions
1.02 - Character Descriptions
1.10 - 20 Optimized vs 20/20 Optimized
Patchouli Knowledge section
1.20 - Skills
1.30 - Surviving Two Hits vs Surviving Several
Shanghai section
1.40 - What should I have in a team?
Reimu Hakurei section
2.00 - Items
2.10 - Getting Gold and Items
2.20 - Winning Auctions

Part 1 and 2: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 3-
Hong Meirin Flandre Scarlet section
3.00 - Getting Into Combat
3.10 - Joining a Battle vs Starting a Battle
3.20 - How to Start a Battle
3.30 - Powerlevelling
3.40 - Winning, Losing, and Forfeiting
3.41 - Battle Walls
Renko Usami section
3.50 - Etiquette
3.51 - Missed Turns in Battle
3.52 - Keeping Teams Equal
Tewi Inaba section?
3.53 - Fighting Dirty

COMBAT, AND COMBAT ETIQUETTE (It means "playing nice")
Part 3: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 4-
Mystia Lorelei section
4.00 - Advanced Tips
4.10 - Dancing
4.20 - Shoving
4.30 - Toys and Trading
4.40 - Rescuing Units
Cirno's Perfect Math Class
4.50 - What are the odds of all of my attacks hitting?
4.51 - What are the odds of one of my attacks hitting?
4.52 - What are the odds of at least three out of my five attacks hitting?

Part 4: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 5-
Chen Yakumo Section
5.00 - Battle Modes

Part 5: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 6-
Wriggle Nightbug Section
6.00 - Traps

Part 6: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 7 and 8-
Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica Prismriver Section
7.00 - Frequently Asked Questions
8.00 - Glossary of Terms

Part 7 and 8: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 9-
Youmu Konpaku Section
9.00 - Playing on Teams

Part 9: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

-Part 10-
Extra stuff that isn't covered in the first 14 posts
*WARNING* No Pictures in this post!
Easy Gold

Part 10: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Forging is in. The cost to modify an item is 1.5x the cost of the store value of the item. You can only modify store bought items.

Gambler (+MT/--Hit/+Crit) - Insight Critmasters Anything with amazing accuracy and/or Wrath, and/or +15 critical chance.
Lethal (--MT/+Hit/+Crit) - 30 pow units, wrath users Highly situational.
Reliable (+MT/+Hit/--Crit) - Everybody, especially dark/axe users
Heavy (++MT/-Hit/-Crit) - Everybody A-Rank weapons only
Sharp (-MT/-Hit/++Crit) - Light/Swords, Critmasters, Wrath users, people who like having an ace in the hole to call on when they're losing.
Slim (-MT/++Hit/-Crit) - Low accuracy units Bronze weapons, D-Rank toys, situational filling in gaps of power. Generally reliable is better

Edit: Months have passed.


Still having problems with gold? More people have been playing 3v3s on Gauntlet because of the massive gold reward it offers.
Other maps that work:
Soulful Bridge - Faster than Akitsaws, because it's only a 1v1 map with 20 units each. gold rewards as high as 8000/4000 8000 (or 16000/8000 16,000 if it's your first time against the opponent)
Light - 2v4 map with 8/8/8 vs 12/12 settings. Keep in mind the 8/8/8 get 2 lords each and the 12/12 get 3 lords each. Gold rewards tend to be relatively massive here as well, with full promoteds seeing 40,000/20,000 40,000 rewards (divided by each member on the team)

Edit: Win or lose, you get the same amount of gold.


Update on "Which items do I bring?" section.

Toy (Reliable), Toy (Heavy), Toy (Slim), or Toy (Sharp): There is no middle ground here. You either want to raise critical to the point where you can nail a crit, or neuter it in order to make the other stats more desirable.
Toy (Reliable) - Most units.
Toy (Slim) - Only units with abysmal hit chances. <20 skl and the like. Opponents aren't as scared of slim toys as they are reliable ones though. even with 5% hit difference, 2 damage is a lot.
Toy (Heavy) - Offensive weapon. On the defense, you're losing 10 hit for 1 mt from reliable. Not a good trade
Toy (Sharp) - Critmasters, Wrath users, and people that think 25% crit will scare their opponent into not attacking

0 wt: Slim Bronze
Reliable Iron
1 wt: Reliable silver
2 wt: Sharp Mithril (In lieu of or in addition to a killer)
Reliable Great (In lieu of S rank)
Heavy Great

Others aren't bad, these are just really nice to have.
Slim Bronze to hit those 105 evade classes
reliable iron for good damage and 0 wt
reliable silver for good damage and 1 wt
sharp mithril to pull them game from behind if you need to risk it on a critical
Reliable great if you don't have an S rank weapon
Heavy great, because it's the highest damage in the game

1 Slim Bronze - Low end damage
1 Reliable Great (or S rank) - High end damage
1 Toy of choice - ranged counterattack
1 Killer weapon or Sharp Mithril or Sharp Great - Last Ditch Effort
? Specialty weapons - Brave weapon, Horseslayer, Armorslayer, Parity, Twin, Longbow, Onager, Reaver
Depending on how many slots you have left after equipping specialty weapons, it is recommended you equip the following
(NOTE: If you're a critmaster, or using wrath, Reliable weapons may be traded for slim versions of the next rank up.)
(NOTE2: If you're not concerned with WT restrictions or gold cost, Lethal of the next rank may be used in place of reliable)
1 slot remaining: Reliable Steel - This puts your vanilla attacks at 1/114, 8/99, 15/84.
2 slots remaining: Reliable Iron + Reliable silver - This puts your vanilla attacks at 1/114, 5/104, 9/94, 15/84
3 slots remaining: Reliable Iron + Reliable Steel + Reliable Mithril - This puts your vanilla attacks at 1/114, 5/104, 8/99, 13/89, 15/84

Any more than that, you can add at will.
-For more high accuracy versatility, consider a reliable bronze
-For more high damage versatility, consider a heavy great
-If you're a gambler, consider lethal B rank toys.

Slim Wind
Reliable Fire
Reliable Elfire
Sharp Tornado
Reliable Bolganone
Heavy Bolganone

Same as above

-Part 11-
Summary of all covered aspects for those who don't feel the time of day to learn everything about the game.

This guide is too long! Is there a way to sum it up?
Part 11: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

You mean, "Is there a way to sum up a complex game with tons of aspects that takes months to master into LESS than six pages of text, colorfully illustrated and taught by genius lolis?"
Yeah, I guess there is something that can be done.
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post Sep 25 2013, 12:56 AM
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Mr. good-for-nothing
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Newbie Guide #2

Written by Serene Flight, slightly edited by Falaflame

First of all, sorry about my yay krabby enklizh... and possible typos (typos are pretty common (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/dry.gif) damn common stuff).
Secondly, Hey mom! Your child's a ding dong! (seriously...)

Shit happens for a newbie, and next one repeats the same stuff as previous one (well, not literally... otherwise that would mean all the newbies are the same <__<''). Even just common sense would help to realize some of these things :/
Most of them seems to get mauled even by other no-so-experienced just because they got more common sense or have learned some of these things... from easy or the hard way.

Anyways, here's some stuff that newbies would be probably good to know.

1. Helpful links
2. Words for newbies
-2.01 Don't mind if you lose
-2.02 Glassy builds at the beginning of your journey
-2.03 When you attack, do not just make some damage.
-2.04 Need da Healz?
-2.05 Balanced team(s)
-2.06 Slowpokes (armored units)
-2.08 Check weapon ranks and equipment!
-2.09 Favoritism and BExp?
-2.11 Check battle rules!
-2.12 Hit/Run for dummies
3. Other Stuff...


1. Helpful links
*Mint's Newbie Guide #1
-Includes pretty images.
-IMO Post 3 (Mystia Lorelei section) is the most important one for new players, you have to learn how to dance and stuff!
-Don't be like ''I can beat SS (FE8) with Hard Mode easily! So this game can't be so hard! I'm not gonna read that crap!''... (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/dry.gif) FE8 HM is easier than FE7 with normal... and this place is totally different thing than canon FEs, this is a lot more PvP friendly, balanced etc. (did I mention about skilled players?)

*Kryptonite's Stat Archetypes
-Helps for doing builds (stats). Also includes extra tips. READ IT!

*"Rate My Team" Thread
-Just simply post the builds of your units here and people will say what they think about it/them and maybe how to make them better.

* Bugs, Suggestions, Questions -forum
-Just if you have a suggestion (Before you suggest anything, at least ask yourself: "Will this make something broken?" and do some possible research (well, currently any suggestions won't happen since SaS has left the building!!!)), question ("how do this and that work? where I can find this and that?") or you see a bug (I feel that those all have been already reported but who knows...)

* Stat Comparisons
-You have two or more possible builds for your unit but you don't know which one would be better? Here people majorly compare builds to other posted builds... or... well... that was the original idea of this thread but this have been become more like Rate My Unit -thread.

2. Words for newbies

2.01 Don't mind if you lose
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
I think this is the most important one.
Just don't care if you lose even against more experienced player means ~100% lose BUT it's a chance to learn to play!
BUT DON'T EVEN DARE TO THINK ''Omfg I suck at this, I quit''! We all have been newbies and have been mauled by more experienced players.

All You Have to Do Is Practice!
Nobody became a decent/good/professional player in one day like mastering any skill (crafting, drawing etc.) won't happen when you snap your fingers.

Be ready to learn from better people, no matter if they just stomped ya, you can always think ''Wow! I couldn't give even a challenge for that guy! There has to be something wrong in my builds, team, dancing and/or tactics.''
You can learn builds for Stat Archetypes and Rate My Team threads; also from your opponents/ teammates.
Dancing is something that you can't really learn by reading, even Newbie Guide tells the basics.

Lose today, avenge tomorrow (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/lion.gif) Inan! Come back! I want my revenge!!

2.02 Glassy builds at the beginning of your journey
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Glassy builds are troublesome first. Why? It's because...

1. In low lvl battles difference between high and low SPD and SKL growths doesn't matter yet since base stats are pretty much almost the same... except Armor classes do have high DEF but really low SPD while Pegasus Mages do have high SPD.

2. Your future Swordmaster won't be able to crit since it won't be able to activate Wrath (+20 crit) or activate Pursuit because the reason above. Also, it won't be able to use Killer weapons before B-rank or at least like Sharp forged Steel weapons before C-rank or Silver before B-rank.

3. Because two reason above, MOSTLY HP, Power, Defense and Resistance do matter in low level battles. But when your units are beginning to be close to level 15, then they start to be more useful. But in general, glassy units aren't even close as useful in unpromo as they are in promo

But if you don't mind using them, then just go ahead.

2.03 When you attack, do not just make some damage.
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Here in FETO, we're not brainless AI assholes who think "I'm just going to do some worthless damage juset because I always think my opponent"

It works in actual Fire Emblems since your enemies there have lower lvls and they are really stupid (in the very end) but here you want always to KILL if you can.
Example: Opponent got 4 offensive units but (s)he attacked to my 2 units... (s)he could have killed 1 unit but (s)he didn't!
And (s)he actually had a chance to win because of my mistake(s) if (s)he would have killed that one unit! /true story

Check match-ups! Now you don't need to calculate everything by yourself!
How do I check match-ups?
1. Select enemy's, teammate's or your unit.
2. Pressing number keys from 1 to 4 (1= 1 range, 2= 2 range, 3= 3 range, 4= 4-7 range) or opening Match-Ups tab from Unit Menu (Look for it left side of map, left side of Commands)
3. Then just select target and you'll see match-ups between these two units.

Note: Example Knife's match-ups, whose range is 1-2, will be shown in 1 AND 2 range.

2.04 Need da Healz? *clicks*
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

So.. U need da healz? After getting hit, you do need da MOTHERFAWKIN healz! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)
And healers are later useful because of other staves (buffs, status, remedy and dispel)

Screw about Bandage -staff, Heal gives you +2 Exp (= 60 exp more after using all 30 uses of Heal... it's worth of it you'll exactly when you'll get D-rank staves without even looking at your character's profile or Weapons and Items at your FETO profile [every unit start with 1WExp and 1 use of Heal gives you 1 WExp... which means +30 after all uses (1 + 30 = 31... that's exactly what you need for D-rank!)])

As fast as you can get D-rank staves, be sure that you have Fortune -staff and Mend.
Why? It's because they give +2 WExp and with Fortune, you don't need to wait until your units get injured... One Fortune staff (all 7 uses) means +14 WExp, that means only 26 WExp to C-rank!

Do not keep them too far away, here people won't attack them like AI does in FE series, here we attack at your healer if...
-there's no other units left.
-can't kill your other unit(s), do damage without taking much damage from counter-attack (and there's no healers on opponent's side who could heal this unit/these units) or do damage to your other unit(s) anyways.
-can't kill your unit(s) without killing your healer first.
-being defeated on your next turn and don't really like to go for suicide (and get possibly +1/2/3 WExp and little Exp more).

If you won't need to use your healer at your turn (= can attack/ kill without taking damage)... rather try to take a little damage, especially when your healer do still have E-rank Staves, since your healer do really want Exp and WExp at that point.

2.05 Balanced team(s)
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Yeah, CRY SQUALL CRY! They already have 3 physical units and just one mage. They need mages, not physical units!!!.

Pretty usually new people have 0-1 magical units in their first team of 6-8 units which means that they end up being raped by enemy who has more magical units.
In unpromo team, it is whatever do you have 2 or 3 magical units.
But when you think about promoted team and you want balance between magics and physical, then it depends on your healer
*If Troubadour or Curate, then you may want to have more magical units (= in 6-unit team: 3 magical units, 2 physicals and healer)
*If Cleric or Heaven Knight, then may may want to have more physical units (= in 6-unit team: 3 physical units, 2 magicals and healer)

That may sound pretty simple but if you want a good promo team, it's not that simple at all because of class bonuses (+crit,avo,hit) and surviability isn't as important as in unpromo battles because of your bulky units will have very hard time hitting high SPD&LCK (especially peg mages and +15 Avoid classes (this means you want high SKL and LCK bow users at least)).

2.06 Slowpokes (armored units)
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
´´No downhills!? (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/noes.gif) ´´

Knights... Footmen... and Guards... their high HP and DEF might sound good but their low SPD, RES and Mov are killing them and slowing your advance.
I'm not telling to not use them at all but don't do them so much even they are good in low lvl battles, sometimes we see a newbie with too many armoured units (random 5v5 battle... opponent had 4 armored units and one Adept...).
You DO NOT want to do a squad liek this xD

Second mistake on having armored units is their builds.
People seem to think "oh cool, high HP, POW, SKL and DEF, I'll max them all!"
Footman [Brute]
Stats at level 20
HP [1/5%]: 44.00
POW [1/10%]: 20.00
SKL [2/10%]: 20.00
SPD [0/0%]: 8.00
DEF [2/15%]: 24.00
RES [0/0%]: 5.00
LCK [0/0%]: 5.00

Looks cool against physical units but when you see 20 POW shaman with Verrine and Pursuit skill, you know you're going DOWN! (that one makes total 42 damage... anybody can kill it after that with no problem~)

If you want armored unit, go for Nihil Tank or Dual Tank (See more at Stat Archetypes -thread)

By the way, just because you may meet these guys in low lvl battles, you may want to give Pursuit for your mages (:
They pretty much always pursuit armors.

Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Sniper: Fuck yeah! I can activate Wrath against Swordmaster!! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/konata.gif)
Swordmaster: Shi-!! (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/irritated.gif)

Sniper attacks! [Item: Killer Bow; Skill: Wrath; ATK: 26; HIT: 85; CRIT: 62]:
Random Numbers: Hit - 27.3; Crit - 45.7
Sniper's Wrath skill activated!
It's a critical hit! Swordmaster takes 58 damage. (0/52 HP)

Swordmaster: ''Shouldn't have get promoted before lvl 20 T_T''
Swordmaster is defeated!

Lvl 10/20 Swordmaster haves lower stats than 20/20 Sniper, which allows it to activate Wrath (which gives +20 crit%).

Sure it takes more time to train that remaining 10 lvls but think, you want your Swordmaster getting Wrath'd?
Dunno :/ At least I don't.

2.08 Check weapon ranks and equipment!
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Try to keep your units well eguipped and have best possible weapons.
It really sucks if you can't use 1-2 physical weapons even you have least D-rank just because you haven't equipped any but your enemy has!

Tip: Forged weapons do also give their own little thing. (NOTE: Forging increases weapon's rank by 1 (E->D->C->B->A->S))
And only buyable weapons can be forged, you can't have (Sharp) Killer Sword (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sadnod.gif)

Also note that some classes can have weapons in cache too!
Classes whose WTA type is 2, haves 8 cache slots (Ex. Footman(yes, even unpromo can do it~), Star Knight, Warrior)
Classes whose WTA type is 3, haves 16 cache slots (General, Corporal, Captain, Colonel)

2.09 Favoritism and BExp?
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
No, forget both as much if possible, you don't want to have one ~15 lvl unit while rest are lower than 10 and BExp means just experience, not weapon experience.
But... there's few exceptions...
*You may favor your certain uni(s) only if they are like ~100 exp (= 1 lvl) behind of other units but not too much. And this favoritism means letting this/these units to kill enemy units if possible but it doesn't mean that you'll end up taking extra damage.
*Using BExp. You may start using it after you'll get C-ranks for everybody since then they are fine enough in lv. 20 mode battle, even if opponent has B-ranks.
And at least when your units have B-rank weapons, next thing that they'll receive is max unpromo lvl and that means a promotion (if you want, having unpromo teams is good too (if you want go for unpromo battles and better chance to get 2 - 4 Rank treasures (D-B weapon rank uncommon weapons, tomes and staffs))).

Check 'Stat Archetypes' -thread (on ''Helpful links'')

Also, looks like that doesn't include the link of calculator so... *ClickS*
[it can be found Characters & Items -> Statistic Calculator]

2.11 Check battle rules!
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Check the rules of the battle before joining!
*You don't want your lvl 5 units getting stomped by lvl 10 units.
*If you don't like to wait so to your turns, check time limit! (8-15 minutes or 16-24 hours are good ones, I see pretty much people in like 20 min - 1 hour battles where people have missed turns a lot!)
**Second thing why you want to check that there is time limit is that you don't want to join into a battle where's no time limit and forfeit because your opponent decides to not log in EVER again. (this can be changed IF SAS comes back or he gives powers to manage FETO for somebody...)

QUOTE(Artea @ Jun 1 2012, 03:35 PM) *
2.12 Hit/Run for dummies
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Courtesy of Fala.

3. Other Stuff...
Now.. where the heck I put that text file...

calculation stuff...: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Calculations (Nothing fancy like in Mint's Ultimate Newb Guide)
Just some simple calculations to make your units to survive to not get OHKOed (one hit knock out)
Also, I'm using here Heavy forged A-rank weapons (because they have the highest Mt) and WTA type 2* (when needed).

WTA type varies depending unit's class.
Classes that are able to use only one weapon type, have WTA type 1. (Ex. Shaman, Swordmaster, Dracolord)
Classes that are able to use two types, have WTA type 2. (Ex. Guard (yes!), Infantry, Sage)
Classes that are able to use three types, have WTA type 3. (General, Corporal, Captain, Colonel)

Surviving from Pursuit
Formula: HP - ((Weapon's Mt + 30 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2)
Note: Before multiplying with 2, get rid of decimal values.

For Light/ Sword users: HP - ((49 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Anima/ Lance users: HP - ((50 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Dark/ Axe Users: HP - ((48 - Def/Res) x 0,75 x 2) = (if 0 or below, add more HP/ Def or Res)
For Bow users: *same as Dark/ Axe users*

NOTE: If you have enough Spd to avoid 30Spd Pursuits, make sure that it survives from peg mage pursuits!

Then, let's see your Peggies and Horseback units (Wyverns have mostly already nice Def and Armoured units can handle armorkiller pursuit... unless it gets double critted).

Flying units
Formula: HP - (Weapon's Mt x 1,5 + 30 - Def)

Surviving from Great Bow (Heavy): HP - (55 - Def)
Surviving from Brave Bow: HP - ((42 - Def) x 2)
(if you have example 60HP and 12Def, you can't survive from Brave Bows but you hope that your peggie is damn dodgy one, then there's a chance to dodge since brave weapons have kinda low Acc (but high SKL&LCK bow users will have decent hit%, like high SKL Valiants do also have))

tl;dr (lol) - Get HP + DEF = 56 if you want to survive from Reliable Great Bow, Heavy Great Bow and Reinfleche.

Then... Pay attention at pursuits
Heavy Great Bow w/Pursuit: (55 - Def x 0.75 x 2)
Most likely your wyverns will survive except +15 AVD Dracomaster/ Dracolord (they won't be going down very likely...) but... what the heck is +15 AVD class with such of low SPD?

Horseback units
Forumla: HP - (Horsekiller's Mt x 2 + 30 (+ 3 from WTA if not Missionary, Mage Knight or Wraith) - Def)

For Sword users: HP - (50 - Def)
For Lance users: HP - (52 - Def)
For Axe users: HP - (50 - Def)
For Magic users: *same as Axe users*

So, get high DEF for your horsies or at least don't let people to pursuit them...
Pursuit + Horsekillers?
HP - ((Horsekiller's Mt x 2 (+ possible WTA bonus) + 30 - Def) x 0,75 x 2)

So... if example your Missionary has 15 Def, it will end up taking 52 damage from Halberd with pursuit (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/lion.gif) (without pursuit, 35 damage).

... Also, Brave Weapons can be really dangerous...
Formula: HP - (Brave weapon's Mt (x1.5 if vs. Wyvern or Pegasus) + 30 (+WTA) x 2)

For Sword users: HP - (40 - DEF x 2)
For Lance users: HP - (41 - DEF x 2)
For Axe users: HP - (39 - DEF x 2)
[NOTE: Those are Weapon Type 2 -wise. If you want to make sure that armored units with Weapon Type 3, add +1 before you subtract defence stat]

For Magic users: HP - (39 - DEF x 2)

For flying units: HP - (42 - DEF x 2) [Yes, here it is again]

´´So... I need battle sprites and mugs but I can't do them by myself!´´
Spoiler: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

There's 3 topics (1 in FETO forums and 2 in Design forums) in the FEP forums and all those contains lots of sprites, meant to be in use at FETO but SaS hasn't picked all of them so actually you may look at those threads if there's something you like!
(Battle sprites and mugs)
(Battle sprites only)
(Mugs only)
[*NEW*] FETO Members' Sprite Roster

You may also look from Sprite gallery threads and ASK if you could use them from Desing forums and it's sub-forum, Spriting/Graphics/Art/Comic Discussion.

Also, you may request them at here.

(If you look battle sprites and mugs of canon FEs, look for them at here)
Or here if you don't own image editing program such as GIMP (which is free) or other program that allows you to make them transparent OR you don't bother to look for website that makes your images'/sprites' background transparent (many/some FEP's mug sheets aren't transparent and FEP's transparency tool isn't the best one. *Proof* (<- originally there was white background))
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Desolate Soul
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Stat Archetypes

Written by Kryptonite

Hopefully this will help out everyone, especially newbies with making units. The newbie guide is kind of outdated (suggesting high Skl/Spd only)

Example units are given, although if people would like to suggest examples of their own, it would be welcome. (ex: non-Druid/Axe dual tanks, +5/15 classes where needed, non-+5/15, etc.)

Glass Cannon (Pow/Skl/Spd)
These have high Pow/Skl/Spd but less HP/Def/Res like the nature suggests. The most popular build. Extra stats go into HP so it doesn't die in one hit, or Luc so it can Avoid better. Reminiscent of the days of old FETO (where Spd was hax)... (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/cat.gif)

Pros: Kills easily.
Cons: Dies easily.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Mercenary -> Swordmaster [Glass Cannon]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/7.5%]: 52.00
POW [1/20%]: 30.00
SKL [2/15%]: 30.00
SPD [1/10%]: 30.00
DEF [0/0%]: 13.00
RES [0/0%]: 12.00
LCK [2/17.5%]: 30.00

Mage -> Savant [Glass Cannon]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/0%]: 40.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/12.5%]: 30.00
SPD [2/12.5%]: 30.00
DEF [0/0%]: 13.00
RES [0/0%]: 17.00
LCK [0/0%]: 17.00

Nihil Tank (HP/Pow/Skl/Spd/Def or Res)
Usually have 50/70 HP for max Nihiling and ~24 (depending on what kind of weapon it uses) of all other stats but Luc and Def/Res (depending on what they use). Extra stats can go into HP or the opposite Def, or into stats with 24 so that it can use heavier weapons.

Pros: Not affected by skills most of the time. Doesn't have too much investment in a particular area (so usually does more damage than it takes).
Cons: Unable to use heavy weapons (without investment). Twins. No particular offensive capabilities. Low Hit.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Mage -> Sage [Scholar]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/15%]: 60.00
POW [1/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/0%]: 25.00
SPD [0/15%]: 25.00
DEF [2/20%]: 22.00
RES [1/5%]: 24.00
LCK [0/0%]: 15.00

Wyv. Rider -> Wyv. Master [Glass Cannon]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/0%]: 50.00
POW [0/10%]: 30.00
SKL [2/2.5%]: 24.00
SPD [0/5%]: 24.00
DEF [1/2.5%]: 25.00
RES [2/20%]: 18.00
LCK [0/0%]: 11.00

Avoid Tank (Pow/Spd/Luc)
These invest in Pow/Spd/Luck and rely on Avd to survive. Extra stats go to HP so it can take a hit, or Skl so it can hit better. It can also invest in Def/Res if it is a lord. Usually a Valk, Peg Mage, +5 or +15 Avd class.

Pros: Good chance at avoiding all damage.
Cons: If it doesn't dodge, it dies.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Peg. Archer -> Hawk Archer [Glass Cannon]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/10%]: 54.00
POW [1/20%]: 30.00
SKL [2/10%]: 30.00
SPD [1/10%]: 30.00
DEF [0/0%]: 8.00
RES [0/0%]: 16.00
LCK [2/20%]: 30.00

Solar Kn. -> Flare Kn. [Glass Cannon]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/0%]: 40.00
POW [1/15%]: 25.00
SKL [0/0%]: 23.00
SPD [1/10%]: 35.00
DEF [0/0%]: 7.00
RES [0/0%]: 17.00
LCK [2/15%]: 30.00

Dual Tank (HP/Pow/Def/Res)
Usually have at least 25+ Def/Res. Pow 28+, HP over 50. When all others are high, put into Skl so it's hit isn't too bad.

Pros: Doesn't die easily; usually takes 3+ hits to kill.
Cons: Criticals. Specifically Dual Criticals. Avoid tanks.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Shaman -> Druid [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/15%]: 60.00
POW [1/10%]: 30.00
SKL [1/5%]: 22.00
SPD [0/0%]: 17.00
DEF [2/20%]: 28.00
RES [2/20%]: 29.00
LCK [0/0%]: 15.00

Fighter -> Warrior [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/5%]: 60.00
POW [1/10%]: 30.00
SKL [0/0%]: 18.00
SPD [0/0%]: 17.00
DEF [1/10%]: 25.00
RES [2/15%]: 25.00
LCK [0/0%]: 12.00

Dual Tank... with Skill! (Pow/Skl/Def/Res)
Same as above, but there is Skl investment instead of HP investment. Also, Pow/Def/Res are all lower. Spd/Luc are dumped.

Pros: Doesn't die easily; usually takes 3+ hits to kill.
Cons: Dual Tanks.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Fighter -> Warrior [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/7.5%]: 58.00
POW [2/7.5%]: 30.00
SKL [2/20%]: 28.00
SPD [0/0%]: 17.00
DEF [2/15%]: 28.00
RES [2/20%]: 27.00
LCK [0/0%]: 12.00

Shaman -> Druid [Brute]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/0%]: 44.00
POW [1/5%]: 28.00
SKL [2/5%]: 27.00
SPD [0/0%]: 17.00
DEF [2/10%]: 24.00
RES [1/20%]: 24.00
LCK [0/0%]: 15.00

Speedy Dual Tank (Pow/Spd/Def/Res by Mike)
These units are fast and strong defensively, investing in a bit of everything, but focusing on Pow/Spd.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Cleric -> Sage [Rogue]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/20%]: 58.00
POW [1/20%]: 30.00
SKL [2/5%]: 26.00
SPD [2/15%]: 30.00
DEF [2/10%]: 21.00
RES [0/0%]: 21.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Fighter -> Warrior [Defencive]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/5%]: 60.00
POW [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SKL [0/0%]: 18.00
SPD [2/12.5%]: 28.00
DEF [0/0%]: 20.00
RES [0/5%]: 19.00
LCK [0/0%]: 12.00

These units can use staves and aren't 2HKOed by anything without skills.

Pros: Staves, not 2HKOed without skills.
Cons: more susceptible to skills than their general Nihilin' counterparts.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Cleric -> Bishop [Brute]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/10%]: 52.00
POW [1/10%]: 30.00
SKL [1/0%]: 22.00
SPD [0/10%]: 23.00
DEF [2/10%]: 21.00
RES [0/0%]: 21.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Curate -> Defender [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/0%]: 52.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [0/5%]: 22.00
SPD [1/10%]: 23.00
DEF [0/0%]: 22.00
RES [1/10%]: 20.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Hitmaster (Pow/Skl/Luc)
These units invest in Pow/Skl/Luc for (almost) guaranteed high powered damage. Status staves can make use of this. Usually a +5 or +15 Hit class.

Pros: Pretty much guaranteed successful first strike.
Cons: Dies like flies to Pursuit/Counter/Aurora.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Troubadour -> Valkyrie [Offencive]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/15%]: 58.00
POW [2/20%]: 30.00
SKL [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SPD [0/0%]: 21.00
DEF [0/0%]: 11.00
RES [0/0%]: 15.00
LCK [2/17.5%]: 35.00

Archer -> Marksman [Offencive]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/0%]: 46.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/7.5%]: 30.00
SPD [0/0%]: 18.00
DEF [0/0%]: 14.00
RES [0/0%]: 13.00
LCK [2/17.5%]: 29.00

Specialized Tank (Pow/Skl/Def or Res)
A tank that defends against one kind of damage. Extra stats can go into the opposite Def or HP to help it survive.

Pros: Distribution over few stats gives the unit an advantage when fighting units that target its specialized def.
Cons: Annihilated by opposite damage.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Physical (not lord!):
Curate -> Defender [Brute]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/0%]: 48.00
POW [2/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/10%]: 30.00
SPD [0/0%]: 18.00
DEF [2/15%]: 30.00
RES [0/0%]: 11.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Cleric -> Bishop [Scholar]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/5%]: 46.00
POW [1/10%]: 30.00
SKL [2/17.5%]: 30.00
SPD [0/0%]: 19.00
DEF [0/0%]: 11.00
RES [2/7.5%]: 30.00
LCK [0/0%]: 16.00

Specialized Avoid Tank (Pow/Spd/Def or Res)
Basically like above, but sacrifices Skl for Spd. Extra investment can be HP or opposite Def for survivability, Skl for hit, or Luc for increased Hit/Avd.

Pros: Hard to kill, especially by damage of the right type.
Cons: Poor hit. Also, no +Pow/Spd/Def or Res natures. Also, tends to die from opposite attacks.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Wyv. Fighter -> Dracolord [Brave]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/5%]: 60.00
POW [1/20%]: 30.00
SKL [1/0%]: 18.00
SPD [1/15%]: 30.00
DEF [2/10%]: 30.00
RES [0/0%]: 6.00
LCK [2/20%]: 27.00

Heaven Kn. -> Star Kn. [Serene]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [0/0%]: 40.00
POW [1/20%]: 25.00
SKL [1/0%]: 15.00
SPD [0/10%]: 34.00
DEF [0/0%]: 7.00
RES [2/5%]: 30.00
LCK [2/5%]: 28.00

Standard Tank (HP/Def/Res)
Maximum HP/Def/Res, then add to other stats.

Pros: Also doesn't die.
Cons: Weak, unless lorded...

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Footman -> General [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/7.5%]: 70.00
POW [0/15%]: 30.00
SKL [2/15%]: 27.00
SPD [1/0%]: 17.00
DEF [2/12.5%]: 35.00
RES [2/20%]: 24.00
LCK [0/0%]: 6.00

Templar -> Crusader [Bulky]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/20%]: 60.00
POW [0/0%]: 22.00
SKL [0/0%]: 19.00
SPD [0/0%]: 19.00
DEF [2/0%]: 27.00
RES [2/20%]: 26.00
LCK [0/0%]: 14.00

Never Die Tank (HP/Spd/Luc)
Basically a bait or support unit. People usually ignore this unit because it seems harmless, but it can still use staves!11

Pros: Hard to kill.
Cons: Useful defensively only.

Examples: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text
Lord by Mike:
Heaven Kn. -> Star Kn. [Defencive]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [2/20%]: 60.00
POW [0/0%]: 16.00
SKL [0/0%]: 14.00
SPD [1/10%]: 35.00
DEF [2/20%]: 21.00
RES [2/0%]: 28.00
LCK [1/20%]: 29.00

Nomad -> Nomad Trooper [Brave]
Stats at level 20/20
HP [1/0%]: 50.00
POW [0/5%]: 20.00
SKL [0/0%]: 18.00
SPD [2/7.5%]: 30.00
DEF [0/0%]: 17.00
RES [1/7.5%]: 17.00
LCK [2/20%]: 28.00

Yeah, pretty much trash.


Not listed:
Critmaster, usually split into Glass Cannons and Hitmaster

Extra tips:
5/10/15/20 percents are optimal for units staying unpromoted, otherwise 2.5, 7.5, 12.5, and 17.5 are okay as well.
Try to have your builds unable to be killed in one hit.
Try to have the highest Pow you can get (28+).
To avoid a skill without max investment, try just getting 27-29 in it, depending on what you want to avoid. If you have Nihil, 50 HP will lower it to 24-26, and 70 will lower it to 23-25.
Skill: 28+ is required almost for Wrath. Otherwise it will only activate on Avd tanks and Dual tanks. 27 will avoid Wrath.
Speed: 27 will avoid pursuits from everything but peg mages. This cuts your attack to 0.75*2, so you may be countered before killing if you use this!
Def: People usually go all out (28+), middle (20-24), or dump it (17-), so 24 is enough to counter most folks. 30 to counter all. Generals can counter even 30 though.
Res: People usually go all out (28+), middle (20-24), or dump it (17-), so 24 is enough to counter most folks. 30 to aurora all.
Luc: People usually either go all out on it, or dump it. You can actually use 20-24 to Insight half of everyone's units. Watch out for Valks with over 30 Luc though.
^Those do not take into account Weapon Weight!!! If you want to avoid these skills, you have to add +1 for up to C (Silver) and +2 for A (Great).

Weapons, using "Vanilla" (lance/bows/anima):
Weapon Mt Hit Crit Wt
Bronze (Reliable) 4 107 -21 0
Toy 1 (Reliable) 5 92 -21 0
Steel (Slim) 7 102 -3 1

Nihil, Impale, Pursuit, Counter, Aurora:
Weapon Mt Hit Crit Wt
Silver (Reliable) 11 92 -11 1
Great (Slim) 14 87 2 2
Great (Reliable) 16 82 -6 2

Critmaster (Wrath):
Weapon Mt Hit Crit Wt
Toy 3 (Sharp) 7 72 21 2
Silver (Sharp) 9 82 21 1
Twin (Activated) 10 77 20 3
Killer (Physical) 10 82 30 1
Silver (Gambler) 11 77 13 1
Killer (Magic) 11 77 35 3
Mithril (Sharp) 12 77 26 2
Great (Sharp) 14 72 26 2
Great (Gambler) 16 67 18 2

Hitmaster (Insight):
Weapon Mt Hit Crit Wt
Toy 3 (Heavy) 10 72 -3 2
Twin (Activated) 10 97 0 3
Silver (Heavy) 12 82 -3 1
Great (Slim) 14 87 2 2
Great (Heavy) 17 72 2 2

Mages don't need Toys. So they can opt for something like: Bronze (Reliable), Steel (Slim), Silver (Reliable), and:
Mithril (Reliable), Great (Reliable), Great (Heavy), Parity/S Rank/Status/Staff
Mithril (Sharp), Great (Sharp), Great (Reliable/Lethal/Slim), Great (Gambler), Parity/S Rank/Status/Staff
Bronze (Reliable) and Toy 1 (Reliable) can be replaced with Bronze (Slim) and Toy 1 (Slim) if you feel the hit rates are too low.
It is not impossible to crit with 0 Wt weapons, but it is so unreliable it isn't worth it (also Worm Sharp OHKOs can be lulzy).
Mithril (Sharps) are used for their hit rates over Greats and their power over killers.
If you are a hit dump unit, you may want to consider investing in all Slims and a Great (Reliable).
Hitmasters may consider Gamblers or Sharps as well for lucky~ crits.
Critmasters may consider Reliables, Slims, or Lethals for higher hit rates.
Iron (Reliable) and Steel (Slim) has a difference of 1 Mt, some Crit, and 1 Wt.
For Insight, Iron (Heavy) may replace Steel (Slim), and Toy 1 can be Heavy instead of Reliable.
Twins can be useful for Counter/Aurora. As you see above, they aren't even that good even when they activate with Insight/Wrath compared to their unactivated! counterparts. (Twin (Insight) is comparable to Silver (plain), but then you have the 3 Wt problem) They can also be useful for Pursuiting those glassy 27 Spd units...
Remaining slots can be used for: Parity, Slayers, Reavers, Longbow, Status Tomes, Seiges, S-ranks, more toys, etc.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Feel free to have a general discussion on which is best/broken/worst. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/awesome.gif)
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Advanced Tictacs

Written by Speedy and Shadow, Reformatted by Falaflame

First off, if you haven't been here this guide is not for you.
Brought to you by Aless & Speedy~

Common Terminology:
  • Greats = A ranked weapons
  • Mithrils = B ranked weapons
  • Silvers = C ranked weapons
  • Steels = D ranked weapons
  • Irons = Non-bronze E ranked weapons
  • Gambler = A great weapon forged with "Gambler" Trait.
  • Toys = Weapons with 1-2 range
  • H/R = Hit and Run
  • FS = First Strike
  • OHKOable = One Hit can kill (usually barring crits).
  • ORKOable = Unit can be defeated in one round of combat.
Why you should listen to us~: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

The creators of this guide are Shadow/Aless and myself (Speedy - IX). We've been playing FETO for a while now and have gained a lot of experience in the process. We've; created new meta unit builds, contributed new dancing strategies and brought about new ways to use weapons during battles. According to other players we are two of some of the top players currently in FETO...

QUOTE(kaishin no chikara @ Jul 7 2013, 02:49 AM) *
I tried to put as many people as I thought were important. Hit me up with a PM if you want to be on.

I thought I would make something so that everyone would know their general standing. This is obviously biased since it's only from the perspective of two people, but I'll be as impartial as I can be. Note that someone else is working with me on this, so they've helped me determine your place if I don't know it. That means don't strangle me about your rank. D=

This includes anybody who's anybody (that's still around or is still talked about), even those who don't still play the game. I might have missed some. I noted this above.

- Inan/Inanimateness/Ghost of FETO Past: Dude is a robot created for the sole purpose at winning at FETO. He has 8 gold trophies and while his builds aren't top, he is (was) extremely good at dancing. Created (or at least made famous) the Yagokoro (Yagobitch) unit, the first non-lord glassy hit and run sniper. Somewhat notorious for his bad luck.
- Shad or Aless/Shadow/007: I'd seem like a suck-up if he was highest rank, lol. He's the best current user with superior builds and dancing. He is hugely inclined to strike as soon as an opponent is even slightly vulnerable.
- Mint/-/Misha: I hate her but no denying that she had the best builds and was adept at coming up with new and unusual teams. Good dancer too. She wrote the newbie guide.
- Mike/Mikevgraf/MostPope: I don't think I've ever beaten him in a match (I haven't really fought him much either). He is placed below the three above him is because he doesn't have as many gold trophies.
- Shio/Shiori/Miranda Lawson: Shiori has always been hard to defeat and she has been playing for a while. And if the gold trophy isn't an indication of why she's here, I don't know what it is. Superior builds and dancing, etc etc etc.
- SaS/SwordsAreShiney/Ellis: He made the game and has quite a few gold trophies. According to unlisted source somewhere in this topic, he only fought with some sort of gimmick like fielding high amounts of fliers on certain terrain maps. I don't know what's worse, the fact that he would pick units like that, or the fact that he thought of it before me.
- Nolan/Nolan Kryptonite/-: "I'm a winner! I totally win at life!" Superior builds and dancing. Knows what works and what doesn't. STILL A SILENCE USING ASSHOLE THOUGH. (IMG:style_emoticons/blue/sad.gif) He has a better win/loss than Speeds. He's the one that has me campaigning for reforms for the impale skill with his anti-pegmage impalemads. Fuck those things.
- Speeds/Speedy/Blade Lord S-IX: He was originally going to post character sheets for all of FETO, but never got around to it. THAT LAZY FUCKER. Dunno too much about builds, he gets them to work. He dances extremely well and doesn't let any opening slip by. He does not seem to drop his guard, even in the skype chat.
- Hitsu or Hitsugaya/Zack Strife/§ Hitsugaya §: Probably should just call him Hitsugaya instead of Zack Strife. He was definitely C-rank material 3 or 4 years ago, but if that win/loss ratio is any indication, he has gotten a lot better. He must be doing something right, at least (unless he's pulling another silently). Well-thought out teams, by his dancing isn't as good as those above him so he drops.

Unit Builds: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Unit Builds

Unit Builds: (for more info visit Kryptonite's Stat Archetypes)

When Building units: You want some units to have one shot potential, meaning that they have the capability of taking out a unit by themselves. Usually it takes 2 units to down one, however if you can ORKO a unit this helps tremendously.

An example is of two lords:
One is a nihil user
While the other is an Aurora Lord

They both survive 2 hits, likely to die from 3, but one has much more KO potential
The aurora lord has the ability to take a unit out in one shot which is vital especially if given a strong first strike.

When making glassies try build to survive a brave weapon when you can. An example is Void. As a glassy druid, he still retains his key stats, 30 speed and power but sacrifices a bit of skill for more def. allowing him to survive a brave axe (and by extension all the other braves since axe is the strongest).
When making lords, even glassy lords, I'd strongly recommend building them to survive all braves.

Avoid building units that are killed in one hit (doesn't include braves, unless percent is high/ aurora, counter, crits) or a unit that can be ORKOed by pursuit.
These units can cause a big problem because they are easy to kill and will make dancing harder, and even first striking because a OHKOable unit can make it easier to take out 3 on a counter.

Magic Numbers (numbers made to ensure the survival of your units):

For Fliers:
56 (or more) totaled when adding defense and hp for pegs in order to not be OHKO'd by Great Bow Heavy.
60hp/25def needed survive great bow sharp crits, 28 defense survives gamblers and rienfleche crits. (note: you must be at full HP to survive)

Foot Units(this also applies to res for mounted units):
For Lords try to go for 50 plus hp otherwise too easy to kill. Even for glassy units.
60 /22 /22 to survive all crits (at least once).
60 /20 /20 in def or res whichever one preferred to survive gambler crits.
60 /19 /19 survives 2 hvy greats (not crits).
60 /18 /18 takes 3 hits to kill barring crits, when making nihil builds aim towards this(doesn't work if it on horse or flying).
*21 Def for horses to survive horseslayers
**Add 1 to either def or res for lance/anima users to survive axes/dark
***When talking about surviving crits, full hp is needed

Surviving Braves
To survive a brave axe: 39 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave lance/bow: 38 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave sword: 37 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
To survive a brave bow for flying units: 42 - (unit defense) and then X2 that number and if it is > than your health, unit dies.
*WTA 1,2 ,3 adds on 1,2,3 more damage onto this base.
**The builds posted above apply only to promoted units.

Skills. Realize that you have 2 skills, be able to switch them during a battle and while dancing, can be very important while dancing to push someone back or make them not attack


Usually go for the highest stats and assign skills to that, however I don't think that is the best choice. Anyway here's some info on skills and which to use and etc.

Impale: This skill I would put on units like Valiants, and sometimes snipers, use bow users only and even then, sparingly.
Example Unit: Aurora is main, but then no useful secondary except for impale

Wrath: I'd say an overrated skill, luck dependent. I'd personally never use this as a skill unless the unit is a crit master.
Example Unit: in this case pursuit is primary skill, and note that the SKL stat is the second highest stat, not including power because impale wouldn't be good on him(not a bow user). Now I have an option for aurora/counter however that is highly situational and most times won't activate. Wrath seems like an obvious choice but Nihil I think would be better in almost all cases, and can protect me from some counters, and pursuit from peg mages.

Pursuit: Great skill. Allows you do more damage than normal and with sharp weapons you can do pursuit crits for even higher amounts of damage. The drawback is that counter/aurora will hurt you if the correct one activates against you. Also when attacking an enemy unit, have your units with pursuit atk first, mainly due to the fact that if they don't kill the target via pursuit crits, you can have another unit come in and finish the target off damage free, seeing as pursuit allow the enemy to atk you back in between your attacks. In short, only the pursuiter is at risk of getting counter attacked.

Insight: Great skill, provides 20 more accuracy, good skill to have, recommend on avoid tanks (high speed/lck units) or just on units with high lck in general. Used most effectively by units with 26+ lck, 24lck being the lowest lck to have if you're going to insight as a secondary skill.

Counter & Aurora: Should know how this and aurora work in general. Use a shield/ward staff to further increase the accuracy of counter/aurora.

Before Ward Buff: http://i45.tinypic.com/2vloefs.jpg

After Ward Buff: http://i46.tinypic.com/2uo3mud.jpg

Notice how it has more accuracy now.

Nihil: I personally don't like this skill. If a unit is able to be 2 shotted, I would definitely not use this skill except as a backup to the primary. The only time this skill to me is viable is when it makes the unit in question take 3 hits to down. With this skill you can lower the investment on speed and skill. If you can build a unit to take 3 hits without nihil I'd suggest using that over the nihil unit 99% of time.

Forging Tips: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Forging Tips

Forges: Take into consideration weapons such as steel, bronze, etc. before forging. Different weapons need different forges. Example: Great weapons should never be slim. Same power as a Mithril reliable

Reliable: The all purpose forge. Extremely useful. (Optional on greats,if you do not have the respective s rank for it)
Sharp: On greats, then b ranks, not recommended going lower.
Slim: Use this trait on: E ranks, specifically bronzes, d ranks, and b ranks, on toys is optional (not for greats)
Heavy: Seldom used however if there is room in the inventory. Mainly useful for greats for max dmg.
Lethal: Situational, (due to the -2MT) best used by 15+ Crit units in order to hit/crit dodgier opponents.
Gambler: Can usually kill what great sharp can't with crits (strictly for greats).

Don't think that forges are always the best option though, there are many unbuyables that surpass them.

Team Examples And Explanations: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Team Examples And Explanations

Viable Teams:
Viable teams usually have a good degree of WTA control, and at least 2 mounts and healers. If you have a structure similar to this and it is still not working, then you might want to consult your units' builds. Once unit builds have been optimized and you still find that your teams aren't working, you might have to remake the team in a different combination, one that allows each unit to cover weaknesses another may have.

A Few examples of viable teams:

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

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Dancing Tips and Tricks -- In Depth

A useful tactic is to unequip unit sometimes.
As an offensive player I've had to utilize this technique a decent amount of times. Firstly to unequip a unit you "equip" a weapon that the unit cannot fight with. So if I want to unequip my sword master, I could use my shaman and trade him a dark tome. However you have to use the "move up" command to bring it to the top, you cannot click on the weapon to "equip" it. For staffers, they can due it at all times due to item cache and can just "equip their staves" The use of this is too avoid mainly counter and aurora. Especially for a pursuit unit, you can avoid the after effects of those two skills. Useful when dancing and trying to push. You can reduce the amount of OHKOables which helps. The goal when dancing is too minimize deaths even if you can't counter, also after a first strike you want to keep units alive.

The reason to unequip a unit is to avoid aurora/counter or WTA. This can be used to gain ground and force an opponent back because although you can't counter, they lose their chance at a good FS, kill wise.
It is also advisable to unequip even after a successful first strike. The reason being is that the key is to keep units alive, as much as possible. Ex. After a 2 kill FS, you want your opponent to only be able to take 2 units at max out, meaning its 4-4 but you have first move again, which likely means you win. Even at the cost of not countering an atk, if you can preserve an extra unit, it is almost always worth it.

Equip bows right: Look at a units move. I can't count the number of times I've seen a sniper, hawk, or a bow user having their toy equipped, especially when at their current position only an opposing toy or 2 range can hit them. In this scenario the best weapon to equip would not be a toy but another 2 range weapon. You can pick and choose depending on what you want, maybe put a brave to intimidate an attacker, or a killer. You can also go an S rank for raw power and accuracy and in all cases the toy would be the least reliable and powerful weapon.

Equip correct weapons based on accuracy.

When dancing read foot units as units with an additional step. This is due to shoving.

When dancing you can read mounted movements and range as it is. They cannot gain any extra MOV w/o quicken/haste staves, shouldn't be taken in account in most cases. Most don't use or have them.
However take into account the cons of the foot soldiers before granting them another step because some units have abnormally high con and can't be shoved easily. Also take in to account how many units can shove, sometimes only one unit can shove a specific one.

Last dancing tip: When dancing sometimes it is hard to actually dance against someone of high skill without making it seem like a stalemate where no one can go forward. When dancing, aim for the weak side of a formation. An example is of a Diagonal line position, if you atk the top or bottom area the other units in the formation are too far away to atk. While you are in prime position to strike. I'd usually set up an h/r in this case especially if it is not a mount, gives me a threatening presence that will make the opponent re position or face a death. Their units also cannot give an adequate first strike, so re organizing is the only option left.

Dancing Example:


This shows my current formation. His formation is concentrated in the middle, hard to dance in the that area without being pushed back.


Because of this I atk the weak side of the formation, the druid (the dracoside would also work but the druid is easier to kill, so I decided to atk that side). I've positioned my units in a way that he can't attack with full force, and the units in range would take 3 hits to down making it a ill advisable first strike for my opp. But allowing me to be in a threatening position with a strong FS as well as an h/r on the druid. This will always force an opponent to attack or regroup.


[FETO Skype] Chain: Baiting, sending a (preferably tanky) unit(s) into enemy range allowing your opponent to kill it/them, while keeping the rest of your units just out of range. If done correctly this will leave your opponent with multiple wounded units that you will be able to kill off the next turn. Watch out for hit and runs though. This defensive strategy may give you an edge if you can't find an opening to attack, it may prove to be ineffective against more experienced players however.

Advanced baiting is done with a mount. The mount can be in H/R range of the opponent but must be able to H/R at the current position. This forces opponent to back off, attack only one unit, or dance somewhere else. If they don't move it's an H/R.

H/R Done Right


As you can see, the Wraith is silenced.


IN this battle it shows that the wraith is silenced, most people would retreat and regroup because of this. A unit is virtually taken out of the game because of silence, can't attack, however, Marissa is a wraith, a mount unit and this makes all the difference. The opposing unit, the guardian is in perfect h/r range, a 3-5 step which gives ample space to retreat even if the h/r fails and if it succeeds the game is practically over.


Doesn't look like much can be done, but the sniper has a one shot on the enemy guardian, can reach through a double shove and mount in perfect h/r position(as seen in the following pic).


This shows the likely hood of success. The chance to take out the unit would be around 30+% which is good because, even if it fails the opponent can't retaliate with a good atk.


Sniper can't reach the defender on its own.


Sage shoves sniper


Leftenant shoves sniper


[The Hit phase]
Shows how the sniper couldn't reach the defender before, but due to a double shove he can , and now able to take out the defender.


[The Run phase]
After the sniper attacks, send the mounted unit to go rescue it (in this case the Wraith).


Once the Wraith gets back, have the other mounted unit (in this case the Dracolord) take and drop the sniper.


Draco moves back to previous position and because the bishop didn't shove the sniper, she can heal it if it got damaged.

Another H/R Example


Sniper(the hitter) is capable of killing the enemy sage in one hit via critical.


Bishop shoves sniper


Druid shoves sniper


[Hit Phase]
Sniper can now reach the enemy sage.


[Run Phase]
After the sniper attacks have the runner (mounted unit in position to rescue) go and rescue the hitter


Bring the sniper back to the rest of your units (or at least far away from enemy units)


Paladin takes and drops the sniper


Valkyrie heals the sniper if it was damaged


Paladin then retreats to a safe position

Don't always H/R:
Sometimes a unit is in h/r range, the optimal range is 4 moves for the mount or less. The opposing mount is exactly on the fringe, on the 4 count rule. However, there may be no possible way for you to kill the unit, or only possible with absurd luck while if you fail there is a good chance for you to be h/red in return. In this case the best option is too not h/r and change unit positions.

Sometimes h/r's leaves you in vulnerable position to a great counter atk if it fails. H/ring though is extremely deadly when it works, if there is a possibility of taking out a unit, a high chance, go for it. Reason being, killing one unit in a 6 man, or even 8 man is deadly. It reduces the enemy's dancing and attacking power. Your units can now advance farther and take bigger risks. Even a 2 kill FS could easily have them still lose because of the one unit loss. Also a successful h/r may force them to make a bad attack on you where you can retaliate, or force them to keep dancing but at a severe disadvantage.

H/rs can be done with the mount going any amount of distance, going 4 spaces or less is recommended however. Most effective @ this amount, lets you retreat a good amount.

5/3 movement h/r is also viable however, and even 6/2/, 7/1 based on the positioning of your opponents units. For these h/rs however, you need to make your own judgement and call whether or not it is a good choice to h/r. going over 4 steps with a mount and knowing when to requires experience, but if it succeeds, you are one step closer to winning.

H/r pros:
Kills unit(huge advantage)
Forces them into a bad FS.

There aren't any for a successful one.

Shoving: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


Know what shoving is, know how to do a standing as well as moving shove.

In order to shove a unit, the "shover" must have at least 2 less (or more) con than the unit being shoved(however, units that have 3 or more con than the "shover" cannot be shoved by it).


Standing shove: This is where unit does not advance with the unit being shoved, it just shoves the unit ahead, should be used almost exclusively when performing H/R otherwise the unit will be left behind when engaging in combat.
Moving shove: The unit that is going to be shoved moves to designated area, unit behind goes behind or on top/bottom and shoves the unit forward. Lets your foot soldiers gain one additional move which can lead to an attack. This is a skill that is imperative you learn.

Double Shove: More advanced shoving. Requires more offensive unit positioning instead of safe. Although that is not always the case evidenced by (example) Advantages are the use of surprise, extremely deadly, always watch for.
Shoving can be done when the unit shoving has more con than the unit being shoved or ONLY 2 or fewer cons than the shoved unit. Any more than 2 con differential and shoving is not possible.
When looking at foot soldiers you should always grant an extra step, however look at the opposing units cons first. Some units have too high of a con
When choosing a nature if the result, stat wise is the same such as (example is of 2 lefty lords) then choose the one that reduces con. The brute one would be impossible for most units to shove while lighter has chance. For high con units try to go -con nature and low con units try to go +con nature

Moving shove:
In FETO the mechanics are different than canon FE, a turn doesn't end until you atk, rescue, drop a unit, use canto (feature of mounted units) or shove. The most important thing is that you can move a unit to a specific coordinate and not have its turn ended even while you leave it there and move a second/third/fourth/fifth unit/etc. This is important because in FETO this allows you to do moving shoves. You can move a unit to designated area, move a unit behind to shove, and have the shoved unit attack. This allows a lot more offensive attacks, and puts pressure on an enemy defense.
This technique is also Extremely vital in first strikes. Even if you gain a successful first strike, but your units are stuck behind shoving this causes major problems and can undermine a successful attack. An example would be a 2 kill first strike done on the opponent, now its 6-4 advantage in your favor, however your 2 shover units will not be able to reach next turn making the battle actually able to be lost.

Remember what was said about con and what know what unit can shove what when doing shoves, or looking at opponent's ranges. This is why for dark/axe users I'd recommend con lowering natures when you can because they are one of the few classes that can still cap power with a - power nature. Example: Rogue nature.

Misc Tips: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text

Misc Tips

If hit with a 2 kill first strike, YOU must be able to retaliate with at least 3 or your likely to lose

Rescuing - never rescue a unit if you cant drop it unless you are out of enemy reach.

Mounted Movement: Mounted units can move somewhere, be buffed and moved again (if they have mov leftover).

Mounts can trade/cache and move again unlike other units:
Accessing your item cache or trading causes that unit to be stuck in its position, which could be bad for a foot unit if done wrong, this does not apply to mounted units if they still have move remaining.

A 30POW Ward buff also grants +21 status staff avoid.

CREDITS: Click Here To Show/Hide This Text


The Guide Itself

Battle Pics:

Units Used in Examples

Banner For This Thread:

Falaflame Note: Just so you know, after reformatting this post: This is how I feel.
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Stat Changes

Written by SaS

Whenever a character's stats are changed without the user's consent (basically, balancing issues, though other circumstances are possible as well), the character will be granted one free stat change.

I'll be listing the reasons why here, just so that people know what's going on when they see that their character has one.

10/07/2008 - Characters with negative growth rates (count: 2)
17/10/2008 - Due to several mechanic changes and classes being reworked, all characters have been given one (count: 22599)
23/10/2008 - With the transformation of Mage Armours in to Battle Mages, all Battle Mages have been given one.
03/03/2009 - Accidentally messed up character growth rates, any that weren't around for the previous night's backup were unrestorable, and have been given free stat changes. (count: 96)
05/05/2009 - With the new class list brought in, and altered mechanics and such, all characters have been given one.
21/05/2009 - Armoured units had their stats slightly altered (-2/+5% RES, but +2/-5% SKL).

Also, whenever a character uses a Master Crown or a Master Scroll, they will be given a stat change.
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Skylessia Characters

FETO Skype Group

Written by Falaflame

Most of the activity from our fellow FETO-goers have come to the use of Skype. We have a chat that's active all the time. Just ask several others who are already there, and we'll add you.

You do NOT need a mic!

You can ask the following to add you to the group:

sirocyl: t.to.the.square
Falaflame: marksman.klein
Blade Lord S-IX: cantbeatthespeed
Fredmir: fredmirlurker

Add one of those contacts and they will add you to the skype chat.

==[Voice Chat Party Line]==

You want to voice chat with us? You can!

We have a Party line for that reason!

Just make sure Skype is installed on your computer or mobile device and you can!

Also, it's rejoinable. You can be able to leave and join the party line at a moment's whim!

==[Online IM Service]==

Don't want to install Skype, or can't for any reason? No problem! Additionally, you can also access the skype chatroom using:


So now, you have NO excuse to miss out on our chat. All you need is a skype account.

==[Skype Mobile]==

Additionally, you can access the Skype group via your mobile devices, such as Android, PSP, PS Vita, IOS, iPad, and more. You can chat with us while on the go!

Please join us on skype. I swear, we are chill bros!
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Skylessia Characters

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Skylessia Characters

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Skylessia Characters

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This is much better than having to search/link all the guides. Well done!
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